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Friday, January 11, 2019

“C’mon Kitty, smell and taste your new delicious food” (3 cats)

Hilarious Cat GIF • Epic fail! Wen your cat fucking hates food for human. "Do NOT want, unaccceptable shit!"
“Meanwhile in Italy...”
“UNA-CCEP-TABLE!  WTF is that disgusting sh*t?”
[Video: Eze]

Funny cat GIF • When your cat fuck*ng hates your pickles. Vinegar is not for kitties []
“Human food with vinegar is not good for kitties.” 😾
“Me when I smell Chinese vegetables.” 😂
“That’s terrible! Poor kitty.”
[Video @gingersgagreel]

Hillarious cat gagging every time he smells food for humans, Mwahahaha!
“NO 1!  NO 2!  NO 3!  NO 4!  NOOOOO 5!  DO NOT WANT! I hate all foods for hoomans! Give them to your døg, not tasty enough for cats!”
“Vomiting Mode activated for owner food.”
“French cat smelling English food?” 😜
“English cat smelling 5 French cheeseS!” 😂
[Video @bzuneqatits]
 Hilarious Cat GIF • When your cat hates to eat healthy. Disgusting!  Do not want, unacceptable food!
"Bae trying to eat healthy."
"When I offer you some fast food."
"Me when I tried marmite the wrong way."
[IG @officialtobinator]
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