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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Funny reaction: cat with a McDonald's paper bag MASK on head πŸ‘€

Funny Cat GIF • Cat with with a McDonald's paper bag MASK πŸ‘€ “For this you will die in your sleep, bad human.”
“The cat’s eyes in the bag, Mwahahaha!” πŸ˜‚
“It's a Meowcdonald's kitty.”
“Seriously human, are you mocking me, because I feel like I'm being mocked. Getting really tired of your shitty pranks.” πŸ‘Ž
“This happens just because your cat is a good and patient cat, otherwise it should have killed you.” 😼
“Okay, have fun, you'll pay for this, I swear.”
“That's one way to make a cat maintain eye contact. Hateful ‘You gonna die in your sleep’ eye contact” 😁
“Well, it's funny but where is my promised πŸ” cheeseburger?” 
“Hooman, you've f*cked with me for the last time!” 😈
“When your angry cat silently judges you.”
“Look what you've done to me, human and you think this is funny?! OK, I know where you sleep...”

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