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“Hello guys, it's me, I'm back!“ • “Bye bye see you later...”

“Howdy Carl, how are you?” “When you have 3 kittens in the house, you don’t need to go to the circus, haha.” “Zombies!'s too late for me, save yourself!” [Unedited video @gato_cats]

Cinemagraph • Funny relaxed cat ('Tyatora') resting on his back like a human

Warm spot = purrfect spot. [Unedited video:]

Cool nap in my comfy bed with my beloved gilrfriend

“You look so comfy tucked there with Minnie. Enjoy your nap adorable floof.” “Aww 'Eric', you are just too cute! Sweet dreams.” “Wow 'Eric' your new pink girlfriend is very cute.” 💖 “That's a really cute encounter between a big mouse and a cool kitty.” [ Video @ eric_and_ollie_]