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Curious cat vs. blue manna crab (huge mistake)

“Its a blue manna, we have them in Western Aus. Caught many my self. Good eating.” “To be fair, the poor cat will never do it again!” “Don't worry, the crab got the thrashing of his life.” “Aww! It grabbed him right in the toe beans! Poor little guy.” Disclaimer : the cat is fine, as you can see it walks away with no serious injuries. A commenter said that the type of crab doesn’t have a very strong pinch force and couldn’t amputate a cat’s finger.  Previously “DAFUQ? Who are you?”

When your affectionate kitty has to make the face biscuits

When too much love can be dangerous for your face.

BOOP! Laziest Ninja fight with slowest knock down ever, haha

Mwahahahah they MAD! [Video: vi vi]

Metro Goldwyn Mayer introduces “The Boxing Kitten”

Rocky BalboCat 💢