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When you are on a diet and you start to lose your mind, haha!

“Me with food after being on a diet for... 10 mins!” “Oh my freaking god that is the cutest belly.” “I bloody love it when they kick things with their back legs: 'Bunny kick' Mode activated.”  [ Video @bo_mang]

The bedtime parade 💕 They are three of the cutest, chubbiest, most precious babies

“Those cutie little fatties! You’re doing so well with them. A chunky kitty is a healthy kitty!” “Chubby clouds of love.” “Their bellies, funny tiny tails and little walks, I’m melting.” “My granddaughter and I die every time we see these little chunksters.” 💕 “I didn’t know potatoes could walk!” [ Video @kitten_faces]

Cats are more friendly ♥ than people (haters gonna hate)

OK, not all of  cats: most of cats because sometimes... Hahaha! “Gonna kill you 'friendly', human!”

“SH*T”! • Hilarious ginger Cat totally fails jump attempt from roof of snow covered car

“Waffles the Terrible fails a lot... every day at one thing or another. Heat decides to jump from roof of snow covered van to roof of snow covered garage.” [Unedited Video: YakStudios]

Bodyguard cat with laser eyes protects Shakira

“Shakira and her belly dancing are mine, so you shall not pass!”