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Mama cat carrying a big stuffed bunny like her own kittens

“She needs to carry her big bunny to sleep every night!” “Sweetheart, that stuffed animal is as big as you . You're adorable cuteness.” “Oh my god what a good mama cat. Maternal instinct, level: 100.” “Adorable. I love when cats bring things around in their mouths. It’s so cute.” “She carries it like her own kitty. She missed her baby. Poor mommy cat.” [Video @apy.malt]

Poor tiny kitty with a broken leg and a little cast

“My kitty 'Butters' is 4 weeks old and 300 grams, look at that little cast.” “Poor little baby, I hope he get better soon.” “He broke his right paw! I hope the little kitty baby heals quickly.” “Poor little baby. I just want to snuggle him.” “Get better soon, tiny baby.” [ Video @iamthemightypeanut]

Cats are liquid. Kitten gets into the fish thank (he thinks he's a "catfish")

“'Dash' loves his fish bowl. He is quickly growing to the point he will no longer fit, but don’t tell him that. Oh oh. What if he got stuck? Can you imagine taking Dash to the Vet, sitting there among the other people with their cat carriers, and us with our cat in a fish bowl? Haha, such a crazy kitty.” [Video: valueseekinguy]

Black & white cat lying on black & white rugt: PURRfect CATmouflage

“We know that Cats are Ninjas and an important part of their Ninja arsenal is their catmouflage .”

Psycho purple cat is purple and... psycho!

“HALP! My head is turning and my paws are shaking.”

Fluffy Persian kitty is deeply sleeping

 Zzzzz... Zzzzz... (Coma nap = zer0 f*cks given)