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Ninja warrior in action: agility at its best! (2 GIFs)

“This young is cat is a true ninja kitty he's got some mad skills when it comes upside down under the rope.” “That's one well trained cat. That’s impressive.” “Omg! What a purrfect workout! That’s great. Smart cat.” And complete Parkour. Ameowzing Kitty! “Looks like it's eating treats on the 'platforms', hehe.¨ “The king of parkour is... Kitty!”

Amazing cat pupil dilation

“The pupil of cat eye can expand as much as 55% when looking at someone they love ♥” [Unedited video @owl__kitty]

Funny 'Bengal MeerCat' standing up on table

An amazing new exotic breed of Cat. “Poor kitty, he senses danger in the room.” [Video SourceTravis Nelson]

Epic cat jump FAiL in the kitchen, haha!

Well, at least you tried.

Thirsty cat drinking water from the faucet

Enormous thirst and huge tongue

Psycho Cat wants World domination

Sure they're funny and cute, but be convinced that are cats plotting... WORLD DOMiNATION! Boomerang effect.