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Weird cat standing on hind legs in snow

“Poor guy, he looks fuck*ng worried!” “But where are my humans?” “He's totally lost!” “WARNING! Purrfect meerkat catmouflage.” “For sure, in a past life he was a meercat.” “Why there is no one here except me?” “I sense danger, zombies are coming.” [Video: RM Videos @Youtube]

“OK, now can I have my Teddy please?”

“When she reaches for the teddy bear, my heart melted!” “OH MY GOD, so cuddly.” “This brightened my day.” [ Video @from marielle.tepe]

Cute white kitty playing with 2 babies otters

“Innocent baby animals.” “Unlikely friendship between playful Kitten and otters.” “Catch us if you can.” [Video: Jermaha Anupansupsai]

That awkward moment when the Vet realizes that your kitten is fuck*ng High on Catnip!

Q: “I give Catnip to my Kitty everyday, but how much is too much?” A: “Well, when your Kitten becomes all green with rolling eyes, it's to much.” [Original GIF by HERMAN :D]

Cinemagraph • 3 'Shironeko cats' resting, ginger one wagging his tail

Shiro: “Do not disturb, It's nap time, please talk to the tail.” 'Tyatora has a 'Snake tail.'” [Unedited Video:]

2 'Shocked-psycho-crazy' blue cats gone wild

Paranormal CATivity