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“Did someone say SPA day?” (with foam!)

“Oh my God they are like children. Fluffy charming babies in fluffy foam,  this is amazing.” “How is this even possible? Just crazy.” “How are they so calm! I wish my cats would take baths like this.” “Amazing, I would need several hands to get mine in water.” “haha I remember having those same rubber duckys when I Was a kid.” “Lucky Cat cat owner. When I try give my cats a bath they jump out and scratch the fuck out of me.” 😂 [ Video @exoticrichard]

Black Kitty playing like a kid, going up and down a slide

“When the child is away... The cat will play!” “So funny, playful and cute kitty.” “I always wonder what it’s like to be an only child... now I know.” [ Video @__duchesse] 

Cute psychedelic pink and green fluffy kitty

Meditating kitten is meditating.

When your Cat doesn't understand your Zombie filter

“??? WTF Mom? You're an ugly Zombie now, are you kidding me? I'm not amused.”

Cat domination • Hypnotic cat eyes

“Look deep into my eyes, human, your soul is mine.” “ Feed me right Meow, slave.”