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Funny cross-eyed (and derpy) kitty with crazy eyes

“I love how his little mouth is also a little crooked, what a cutie.” 💘 “My brain knows he's just fine. My heart though... my heart is broken.” “That's the cat of Peter Falk aka Colombo, hahaha.” “Derp' is the only thing that comes to mind looking at this funny kitty.” “Cross eyed cats are the cutest things on planet earth.” “My face in math class yestesday! WTF?” “Hey dude, you high?” “Pfff no, why, I look high?” “Cute but derpiest of derps.” “I wonder if he just needs glasses.” [ Video @crazy_eyes_olive]

Hahaha, these arrogant 'Meerkats!'

“You, when you mock me.” “Funny pets and animals acting like humans.” “Haha love the meerkats! So funny.” “This reminds me of King Julian from the movie!” “When you try to get the attention of someone you like.”

White hamster vs. ginger Cat (she may be small but she's still THE BOSS)

“That fearful Cat doesn't know his power, he turns out to be vegetarian, haha.” “F*ck predatory instinct, Peace & Love.” “Please don't touch my paws.” [ Video @saff_pstm]

Cinemagraph • Ginger Cat contest ► Who ever blinks first loses

“Ok guys, ready? 3... 2... 1... Go!”

When your talkative kitten steals your bed and...

“Yeaaaah humans, you should get a cute Kitty like me.” [ Video : BuzzFeedYellow]

Meanwhile in Italy Catzilla tries to fix 'La torre di Pisa' (leaning tower of Pisa)

“Wait, I'm strong and I can do it!”