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Maru: “Sorry Hana, this is MY bed and you purrfectly know it.”

“Naughty Maru, I was just playing hide and seek with you.” “Me when I want you to get off the sofa.” “I love that Maru's tail is always going!” “Get out of here, only for big boys, not for girls.” “Maru showing who is the Boss.” “Unfortunately only one box and “There can be only one!” 🐾 “Finally it was more comfortable with someone in it.” [ Video @maruhanamogu]

Funny kitty playing with nail file

“Let me help you.” “Pay attention  to me, file my claws, hooman!” “Please tell me were can I get my nails done with a cute playful kitty?!” “Yep, my cat used to love nail files. I don't know why but she just liked to lick them and if she saw you filing your nails she'd get all up in your face about it.” [Video:]

Epic FAIL! When a presumptuous Ninja kid tries to kill her Dad

'Wild attack mode' activated, but then: “Sorry Dad, I immediately regret this (bad) decision.” “C'mon, finish her, she's a naughty girl, hahaha!” “And don't come back!” [ Video @riepoyonn]

Suddenly your sleepy blue Cat becomes....

... a Devil cat with creepy  red eyes !

Funny cat moving up and down his white 'mustache-eyebrows'

Mustache eyebrows or Eyebrow mustache? [ United video @ hamilton_the_hipster_cat]

Funny cat with sunglasses playing keyboard guitar

“Wait dude, I got rhythm too ♪ ♫” [unedited GIF by anonymous]