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“Best shower ever but my clumsy human ruins it at the end!”

“As you can see, my silly hooman never fails to disappoint me.” “haha kitty sorta looks like a seal.” “Look at this poor drowned rat.” “So patient. How do you get him to enjoy bath time?!” “This cat is in denial about what's going on.” 😂 “That's so cute. My cat would claw me to death if I tried it.” [ Video]

2 greedy kittens licking tuna brine ice lolly on a hot spring day

“My two kitties called 'Barnaby' and 'Balthazar' sharing a tune brine ice lolly.” (Derby, UK). [Video: NewsFlare via]

Funny 'Swiffer Kitties' playing like kids, sliding on wooden floor

“C'mon Mom, we enjoy it, faster... faster... faster!” “Haha, 'helpful' Kittens.” [Video: Alicia]

Cinemagraph • Lazy Maru taking a little nap on a small lid box

Funny Maru is always wagging his tail, whatever... [Unedited Video: mugumogu Maru]

“Hey you, crazy cat girl showing your bOObs, don't mess with your innocent cat...

 ...because he knows where you sleep!” “Oh nooo, stop it please, we are in public!” “Stop it Mom, I know you're  SEXY  but you're embarrassing me.”