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When your cat hates to eat healthy!

“Disgusting! Do NOT want! Unacceptable sh*t!” “BAE trying to eat healthy.” “When I offer you some fast food.” “Me when I tried marmite the wrong way.” [ Video @officialtobinator]

Suddenly, Siamese kitty falls asleep Zzzz... Zzzz...

Nap attack? You never see it coming!

Julion the ';Lion Cat' on the rocks, sniffing the odor of the sea

“I have a lion headgear for my Cat 'Moby' too. But the hair on mine is not as fabulous as yours.” “A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.” (Indian proverb) [ Video @_archange_]

Epic fight: angry cat vs. candle flame

The flame mocks us with its dance, must die. “F*CK YOU!”