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“I'm gonna catch you my little fish. Ooops...Shit!” (Instant Karma)

“HaHa, so clumsy kitty, even my cat is laughing at this one.” “Free Water falls on carpet!”

Adorable kitten sleeping in her small bed under her pink blanket, like a kid

“Good night baby, sweet dreams.” “Thank you Mom, wake me up when it's CATurday.” [ Video @mirukunmom]

Funny cat loves to be brushed on head, but…

...cross-eyed Mode activated. “And vampurr teeth Mode activated.” “And derpy Mode activated.” 😋

Weeeeee, It's Sunday, It's pancake party!

Well, It's PanCAT party for Siamese cats.

Zzzz... Zzzz... Sunday morning, kitty is relaxed (coma nap?)

“Someone looks comfy.” 😻 “My cat would be wide awake by the time I touch his paw.” “So so cute and beautiful kitty.” “No f*cks given, when I sleep, I sleep.” “Is this poor kitten drugged, haha?” [ Video @junjun_jjj]