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Milk shampoo? Very good for kitty hair :)

“Clumsy Mommy didn't realize she splashed milk on the kitten's head.” “It's raining milk, hahaha!” “What a freaking mess!” “Awe getting it all over. But sure he's enjoying.”

'Cow cat' enjoys a liquid snack haha

“Cute tongue licking a delicious snack.”

Funny dancing kitten: “Open the dooooor, I'm hungry!”

“Cute kitty wants to get in.” “Pay attention to me.” [ Video @mayutanmmm]

Everyday around lunch time our cat waits for USPS...

Image drop off his toy for the day. Sometimes we actually get to read our letters.” “This is the cutest personal secretary I´ve ever seen.” “The only being on this planet which is happy when got spam.” [Video:]

When your cat is fuck*ng high on catnip

“Pink overdose, pink dream, pink eyes, pink tongue and pink claws, haha.” Scared cat in the big catnip box: “Dude, what have you done with my catnip, I told you it was a very strong one!”