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Affectionate cat hugging his beloved stuffed plush monkey

“He’s my little monkey and I love ❤️ him so much.” “Gotta be one of my favorite snuggle moments of the year.” “Who wouldn't wanna have that lovely kitty?” “Sleepy 💤 kitty and his Monkey: aww...that is pretty cute.” “If only my cat would cuddle with his toys instead of licking and nailing them.” [ Video]

Rosie's first walk in the street. She is a very cute ♥ cool and funny kitty

“Throwback to Rosie's first walk! I fully intended to carry her, but she jumped out of my arms and toddled her way into our ♥ hearts.” [Video: Lilothehusky]

Mama cat looking for a quiet place for her new 'baby'

Maternal instinct is very strong: it works even with a stuffed plush kitty 😘 [Video: kontinentalkitties]

Rare interspecies behavior! Amazing Mama cat becomes wet-nurse to 8 baby hedgehogs

“Cutest cat GIF I've ever seen, looked after a lot of hedgies in my life time but non of my cats have nursed them. They're so cute.” “Purrfect maternal instinct, whatever...” [Video: RT UK]