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Funny cat scared of cameraman, running on slipperyyyyyy floor, haha. “Too fast cat + Too slippery floor = Too funny cat FAIL.” [Video: crazycats] TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND! 

Two in one • Purrfect fusional 💕 love

“How they love each other!” “Love is in the air.” “Humans, don't judge us we are in love.” 💕

A road traffic officer stopping oncoming cars and motorcycles to let a cat cross the road 👏

“An officer, named as Brigadier Satria, guiding the cat across a busy street in Sekayu, a district in Musi Banyuasin (Indonesia), not once but twice, as his colleague Bripka Silaean films the scene. Polres Muba is an information arm of police in the region.” “Give way to the king. Good cop, proud of him, congratulation!” “Kitties are so obviously royalty. This policeman is an awesome person, thank you.” “If I become a policewomen that’s what I’m gonna do.” “Yes, traffic should stop for cats.” “God bless you, dude.” [ Video @Polres Muba]