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OMG kitty, are you DEAD...or just sleepy (coma nap?)

“Worried man needs to check if his kitten is really sleeping?” “The cat is sleeping so soundly that the person making the video feels he needs to double check if it is DEAD or ALIVE. He raises its dropping head only to see it flop down with its entire weight.” “He's fuck*ng RELAXED!” 😮 “Mode 'Boneless neck' activated.” “Me on Monday morning at school, hahaha.” But finally, kitty wakes up with the most annoyed sleepy facial expression: “WHAT? It’s nap time, yes or no? So don't worry and leave me alone please.”

When kitty cleans bunny buddy

"I have five rabbits and one cat. My cat always wants to play with the rabbits." They're cute and Best Friends. "Don't stop kitty, I like it." [Video: ViralHog]

Amazing cat family living in a...paper bag!

“Because life is so dangerous, we found a secure and safe place.” 👍