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“Did somebody say...FOOD?”

“Yum Yuuuummm, I’m coming!” “She’s so hungry and fast!” “Run kitty, run, it's dinner time.” “Yep, Mega fast cat, but always elegant, so fluff tail.” [Video @asya_photocat]

“Excuse me Carl, whatcha doin'? You mad?”

“Nope Katy, I'm training hard for next Christmas 🎄 because Xmas tree DESTRUCTION is a serious cat job.” “This why we can’t have nice house plants!” 😒 “Naughty kitty but funny, playful & acrobat kitty.” “I think the other one is taking notes, haha!” 😋

When you try your best, but you don't succeed

Hang in there baby! "When you're brave but tiny." "HALP! Hoooomaaaan, I request your assistance, I have made a huge mistake."