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Weird white cat with 2 heads sitting like a fat human

Depressed cat(s): “What have I (we) done with my (our) life (lives)? 😾 😾 “Chillaxing cat(s): I am, sorry I mean WE are really tired...”

Funny cat playing the fast visible/invisible game in his basket

3… 2… 1… Hiden! Fastest Hide and Seek ever. 😮 [Video: P. Aliagas]

‘Poobs’ the crazy spider cat chasing the red dot!

“What? The fuck*ng red dot on MY carpet wall? Must die!” “Well…no gravity for Ninja cats!” “Like a squirrel.” 👏  “What gravity? One of many laws broken by Cats!” [Video: cavan1979]

C'mon kitty, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

"Seriously Katerina, I think your cute kitty is "broken" haha (poor baby, life is so tough) [ Video: @raylis_katerina]