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“Sir, your diner is ready: BON APPÉTiT”

"Oops, sorry my fluff Kitty." "A little privacy please."

Cats are so graceful • Epic jump Fail

A clumsy Cat reaching for something in a bush, falls after a miserable jump, hahaha. [Video: Mike B.]

OMG, jumping cats are coming!

“They are legion and you can't stop them.” “When you see them comin', It's already too late, resistance is futile...”

Weird mutant cat with 10 eyes + 5 noses + 5 mouths!

”I see better, I sniff better and I hear better the enemies who come from any direction.”

Funny playful kitten bobbing his head like crazy

“That kitty’s head is: sooner or later I will catch you, fuck*ng toy! gonna fall off haha.” “Cat toys? Still more entertaining than Disney Channel.” “Me trying to choose between pizza and sushi, haha!” [ Video @cat_topaz]

“The Fast and the PURRious Mexico Drift” (low cost version 😂)

“Don't be afraid, kittens are flexible” ;) “Yes, glad to see that the kitten is alright: run kitty, run!” “Girl: they see me rollin', they hatin.” Kitty: they also  see me rollin' they hatin.” (kitty doing barrel roll several times, haha) “Epic drift FAIL.” “Remember: always look at both sides when crossing the street.” “The Fast and the Furriest.” “Jajaja, ¡Que barbaridad!” “Naughty kid, you're drunk, too much Tequila!” “Proof that girls can never drive anyway, haha” “At least the kitten learns a lesson to be afraid of incoming cars.” “Move bitch, get out the way!” “Almost a CATastrophe.” “Me in the morning on my way to work: let the purge begin, Mwhahaha!” “That's why bae shouldn't drive MY car! Never.” And she's not the only one! 😂 😂 Ha 😂 Ha 😂 THEY MAD!!!