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2 cute kitties fascinated by 3 golden fishes swimming in the tank aquarium

“Carl, it's a wonderful world, isn't it?" "Wait Jenny, it could be our delicious meal.” 🐠🐠🐠 “Still more entertaining than Disney Channel.” 👍

When your cat is the clumsiest cat in the World! 😂

“Silly human, I'm not clumsy, I'm doing my artistic synchronized swimming. the water air.” “When you gotta stretch you gotta stretch.”

Lesson 1: cat is the future of human being... Seriously?

... and don't forget: cats rule the Internet and the...World!  😸 “Surely, the first thing is that cats will finally get a well-managed place to pee and take good care of themselves. Bathrooms will be out of limit for everyone, and only cats will be allowed to pee there.” 😜

When it's CATurday, there's always time for sillyfaces, hahaha 😂

When your cat is funnier than you... (Deal with it) [ Video @The Oreo Cat]