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‘Bernie’ kitten: “Play with me Dad, plaaay wiiith meee, ‘Raisin’!”

You know that scene in the Lion King animated film where young Simba is pulling on Mufasa’s ear to wake him up?  ‘Raisinֽ’ has to be the best cat on the planet. So loving, patient with playful ‘Bernie’” ❤️ “Yes, he’s very patient with little ‘Bernie’!” “‘Raisin’ is amazing! What a patient and calm father.” “My cold dead heart just felt a ping...and a tug...and a Gahhhhh! Cuteness overload ♥” “Look how tolerant this blue nugget is.” “‘Raisin’ has the patience of a Saint.” “Such a good big Dad.” [ Video @amazinraisin]

You must clean your bed before the nap

“Don't move Bro, your are my fav bed, so warm and comfy...” “Funny, affectionate and...shameless cat.” 😊  [ Video @tomo_nan_nan]

Two blue cats scared by human hand passing through the wall

“Seriously Dad, your Halloween pranks are not funny!” “Human Monster wants to steal beautiful cats!”  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃