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Black cat mesmerized by 2 girls sticking their HUGE tongues out! 😝

“What sorcery is this? Snake girls?!” “Acrobatic French kiss?” “ SEXY girls gone wild!”

2 funny Halloween cats chilling on a giant pumpkin

“It's the pumpkin cats! We only see them when nearing Halloween, soon they'll be giving away kitty candies!” 🎃 “Pupkin big enough to make a cat house for Shiro.” “Oh my Swirls that’s huge!!! None us can grow giant vegetables like giant carrots from Courage the Cowardly Døg! ” “How much does this pumpkin weight? Congratulations for such a grait harvest.” [Video: かご猫]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Tiny kitty learning to go down stairs...

The struggle is real but cat paws are made of velcro. “Awww poor kitty. stairs are so big and he's so tiny.” “Dude...these stairs are huge.” “Ooooops! Stairs are a full scale adventure for this little guy. Too adorable.” “Cat.exe is updating stair drivers.” “Who the f*ck has such fluffy stairs? Must be a pain to clean!” “If that precious fluff ball were mine, it would never leave my pocket.” “It's like Spider-Man learning how to wall climb for the first time.” [ Video @our.foster.kittens]

“You can’t see me, I’m in-vi-si-ble!”

“Oh…Mom, you’re home early today!”  “The unknown cat is back!” “I'm ready for Halloween.” 👻  “Hey!…Pssst!…wanna buy some fresh catnip?”  “haha! Purrfect Incognito Cat!” “WHAT “haha!”? Why are you laughing at me? I’m just chilling with a paper bag on my head.”  “I’m really good looking. I’m sexy and I know it.” “No one cared who I was until I put on that paper mask. But now I’m famous on the Internet, hehe.” [ Video @yoon._.riri]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Funny Ghost cat with its magic Halloween pumpkin

“BOO!”   [ Video @kukka_ryu_bella]  🎃 Happy Halloween Humans! 🎃