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Scared cat is not happy with species appropriation: “Stop it, cat ears are only for cats!”

“WARNING! Cat facial recognition engine needs some calibrating. “Cute cat reaction at the end when she takes the ears off: aaah it was you Mom, pet me please...” “Funny Ears folded back.“ “Kitty doesn't approve: my ears are not your costume, Mom.” “Airplane EARS!“ “HaHa, now I need a pair of those cat ears to test them with my cats.“ “Stop cat culture appropriation! Wearing cat ears is not allowed!“ “So Humans are just big cats? So I'm not the top cat in this territory?“ “The poor cat be like: What the hell even is that sh*it?“ “OK the poor cat is scared, but imagine you suddenly see a 4 legs animal with human face on it, you would walk away in fear just like the cat!“ “Cats use ears to express themselves. Clearly the cat took this as a bad prank.“ “The straight point ears is a sign of aggression, the cat is afraid of the sudden change and going into a defensive/submissive pose and i just made all that up.“ “It’s like: Human please don’t hunt me, I’m a feline so w

BOOM! Knock out. When your have a bad day, a really bad day...

“Haha, when he’s looking straight up in the air trying to pull himself up.” “Wait for it, poor guy!” “The white kitty: I'm a good boy but why I'm the one who get owned!” “He tried so hard to escape!” “The great escape and the great FAIL, hahaha!” “In life I’m the the white cat.” “Look at those little toes! But I do feel bad for the squished kitty” :(

Funny MGM cat wildly yawning again and again and again...