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When your crazy Ninja cat thinks he is a...flying squirrel!

“Purrfect Kitty Parkour, YEAH!” “Acrobatic kitty, Wow that cat is quite a gymnast.” “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Cat! If Super Man was a cat.” “I believe I can fly: DONE!” “I wish I could do anything half as good as amazing cats do everything!” “Impressive Ninja cat flying door to door.” “Oh my…almost had a heart attack.”

Close up: cute newborn Kitty drinking milk from her syringe

 “She was so thirsthy, poor baby.” “‘Milk supply’ Mode activated.” “So precious and tiny baby cat 💔”

That awkward moment when you realize your cat is a wild vampurr!

“When your fuck*ng hungry Cat shows you it’s time to feed him!” “Wait for it!” “The Snake Kiss, you’re dead!” “Ewww that’s terrifying, but I literally just laughed out loud at that!”

It's kitty bath time…

“With long haired breeds like this one it’s good to bathe and brush them. Cuts down on shedding and those terrible hairballs they get when licking themselves.” “I guess my cat abused himself whenever he heard the shower start he would run and jump in and sit under the stream…he loved baths and showers!” [ Video @hurayra_persians]

When your cat gets the (blue) brain freeze, haha

“Look at his funny and dramatic face, haha.” “Yes, when you eat ice cream or slam back a cold drink, do you feel a stabbing pain or headache? Here’s what causes brain freeze!”