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Knock...Knock... Knock... “What? Can I get a little privacy please. SLAM!”

“Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?” “When you’re in the middle of a particularly juicy Purrey’s Anatomy episode and someone knocks on your front door!” “My cat since he got his own room.”

And now…walking tiny kitties WiTHOUT harness. Cuteness ♥ overload

“OMG, this is my dream…” “Following the leader.“ “Proof that even cats can follow their owners without leashes.” “Yes, I had two cats who used to go walking with me.” “One little cat avoided stepping on the stones by jumping over it. So cute.” [ Video @spaikie_funny_cat_pics]

Funny cat watching ‘ceiling cat’ in the clouds

“Hello my friend, I was waiting for you, how are you feeling today?”

“Yes…Yes…C’mon little guy, you can do it!”

 “The struggle is so real babe! Poor kitten is going to have bruises for days.” “That’s the cutest fluff ball ever.” “Spider Kitty…Spider Kitty…Spider Kitty…” “Remembers me to assassin’s creed.” “There goes snag and holes in the bed sheets haha.” [Video: Jahid Pasha]

Clever cat doing amazing trick: bottle flip!

“Challenge accepted. DONE!” “I can do it, let me try Dude! No Impurrsible Mission, because cat!”