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“Mine, mine, now it's my turn!” Kitty loves cheek and neck massages

“OMG my heart 💗 is meooowwlting” “How cute is that cat.” 😍 “Lucky cat, his Mom is SEXY .” “That's why I love cats, they are so funny (...and cute)”

Well, she tried her best, but...

“And she's totally fine, it didn't seem to even phase her 👧“ “It's an avalanche of cushions, haha.” “Entering the cat dimension in 3...2...1...” “That’s classic. Wait for it.” “At least she tried.” “Gravity...Now you know that Gravity is stronger than you, baby.” [Video:]

Snuzzy kitty playing with Mom’s tail

“Adorable Scottish fold kitty and beautiful English shorthair Mom” “Best kitten Toy.” 👍 “Fast and purrious.” “Funny fold ears.” [ Video @kesyacaat]

Purrfect CATmouflage: 3 black & white kittens on black & white blankie

Owner: “Showed the kittens how to catouflage today and then an aggressive game of cow tipping broke out.” “I would’ve gone with cowmewflage or maybe catmooflage?” “Oh my gosh new cat breed: cow kitties!” “I’ve never seen Dalmatian kittens before. So cute!” “There actually thinking: “Where ares the tits on this thing, we’re hungry?” [ Video @ love2foster]

Bless you Man ♥ for saving this poor kitten with a rope!

Savior! Touched by this man’s willingness to help and potentially save a life. Thank you good human!” “The kitty is so trusting to this kind ♥ hearted man. God bless them both.” “Awwww, so glad kitty was rescued. High five to the man who rescued.” “Fantastic strong kitty who understood that the rope was the way out of misery.” “Thank you Sir for saving this wet kitty.” “This is a perfect example of why NOT to de-claw cats. Good job clever kitty.” “I would have taken it home with me poor baby. I wonder how long it’s been there in cold water?”