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“YUK! Human, your food is disgusting: unacceptable!”

“Funny reaction, I love that grumpy face et the end.” “When you wanna spoil yourself for dinner but remember you're on a diet.” “Was that chili spiced sauce you made him sniff? Poor kitty.” “This cat is so damn ❤️ CUTE! ” “That’s how I feel towards food I choose not to eat because I am not food friendly.” “The cat make pisses off face.”😄 “jajaja la cara! NO le gusta lo que huele en la comida.” “Mwahahaha 🤣 That face expression!”

Maru: “I can do it! Going up! Going uuu... OK, I can't!”

“C'mon Maru, just one more step and you would have made it! Next time..” 🐾 “That’s hard work without thumbs!” “For the love of God, can someone please just pick Maru up!” “Oohh Nooes, I thought he had it.”  :( “I understand him. Me too, I can't jump but I climb. Well...I try.”  😸 “Poor kitty, he tried his best.”  😢 “The struggle is real..oh so real...” “Never give up, try again tomorrow.”  “Looks like me when I'm climbing and I bottle it half way up “Poor chubby cat, he was so so so close!”  “OK this was just adorable how het got back down.” “Please don't give up...keep trying.” 💋 “I don't know why this makes me laughing.” 😂 [ Video @maruhanamogu]

Brave kitty fighting a wild tiger

“I may be tiny , wild beast, but I can be STRONGER than you, because…CAT!” “Roaaar! Don’t touch me, monster!”

“Follow me Sis and I will follow you back…”

“Wait for me Bro, I'm a girl and you’re too fast...” “Follow the leader (if you can)” [Video:]

Ariel: “Seriously, don’t say…‘Awww’, I have no idea what I’m doing!”

“She’s drooling. Well, it’s better sucking fingers than what my cat did occasionally, biting and hanging onto my chin!” “You have such a wonderful bond with her.” “I think ‘Ariel’ needs some milk…” “‘Ariel’ is so happy and relaxed. She is actually drooling. I bet her purrs are really loud.” “It is a replacement behavior, a remembrance of nursing, when they were safe. Domesticating a cat causes it to retain some of its “kitten” nature. It never truly grows up, and so retains this behaviour. Some cats stop doing this, others do it all their life. It is often occupied by purring.” [ Video @ariel.caracat ]