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“Hey slave, I'm hungry...Look, my bowl is empty...Feed me!”

“Time to fill the dinner/breakfast bowl, or not! Kitty might just want to get more treats or be pushing for a little extra!” ❤️ “That’s me when I want food!” “Fill this fuck*ng empty food bowl, now, Icommand you!” “Me at a restaurant when my wineglass is empty.” ! 🤣 Hooman, I need my meal now...Did you know I'm starving for waiting you back home.” 😾 “Need food. More food. Only food. Always foooood!”

Fast and purrious kitty, expert at wild Purrkour!

“C'mon Dad, play with me and...catch me if you can!” “OMG, that's one happy (and crazy) kitty!” “‘Pokey’ is the world’s most patient cat.” 😸 “Well...she certainly gets an “A” for his enthusiasm.” “Literally me when we have a math pop quiz.” 😂 “Dad is saying: what's wrong with you, kid? Stop knocking yourself out, are you MAD today?” [ Video @pokeypotpie]

Playful kitty tries to catch Mario

“My roommate Chris’ Kitten Gibson wants to eat Mario. It says a lot about the power of the internet that I let her paw at my 52″ Bravia for a good minute without yelling at her, just to get a good video. Sorry about the shakiness, I was controlling Mario and my camera at the same time.” [Video: BradTheProducer]

Why is yawning so contagious?

Small kitten: “Hey little Bro, check this out” YAAAWN…” Bigger kitten: “So what, I can do that too ” YAAAAAAWN...” [Video:]

*SPROiNK!* “C’mon lazy cat, wake up, It’s diner time!”

“Funny Cat is like: “Whaaaat? Food for me Uhm… hmm…is this a dream?” “My alltime favourite cat wakeup. He wakes up salivating!” “I have an automatic feeder and every time it drops food, the “Kitties perk up. Sometimes they decide not to get up from their spots, but you can see them debate it in their heads. “Am I more hungry or sleepy? Sleepy or hungry?” [Video: aloofloofah@]