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When you’re trying to show off but it all goes wrong!

“When your cat is drunk!” “Me attempting to be cute for you…” “Kitty gone wild!” [ Video @wendystorey]

*SLAP!* Kitty hates narcissistic girls

“Stop looking at yourself in the mirror! You’re NOT more beautiful than me, OK?” “Getting tired of your funny faces, homan, go to bed, that’s enough for today!” “Get A Kitty They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said, They ‘re So Cute They Said 😂 Mwahahaha!”

Tiny kitty sleeping on its back, enjoying belly rubs

“What is this cuteness? My goodness, I wanna kiss and bite that little belly!” “110% cuteness, you win, I’m dead!” “I think your funny kitty is playing dead.” “I have no words…she’s just too cute for me to handle” 💙

Instant Karma. When your Kitty doesn’t understand GRAVITY

“Aaaaand he’s gone!” See you later Bro… “When you have a bad day.”

Nothing can rival Ninja cat ► High jump: 6′ 6″ 👀 (198 cm)

“Fuck*ng mousie. GOOOTCHAAA!!!” “Simply the Best...” 👍 [Video: jamuomii]