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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

“So much water. There must be a fish in there somewhere!”

Funny Cat GIF •  Weird cat tries to catch an invisible fish in the sink or tries to swim in that small pool :)
Kitchen sinks = purrfect swimming pools for waterproof cats.
“I think he can see invisible fishes.”
“My Maine Coons love water so much that I had to move their water
 bowl to the bathtub.”
“Blue cat: “Dude what are you doing in the sink?”
“Orange cat:  “Honestly dude, I have no idea...”
“Someone wants a bath?”
“Was sure the other cat would make him fall into the sink, haha.”
“Whats cool is that, they don't look like theyre pawing at is as much as trying to step on it and becoming perplexed by the idea of a surface that they can't stand on.”
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