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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“You are our heroes ♥ Thank you for rescuing this poor kitty.”

OMG Cat GIF • Kitten swimming desperately in a river rescued by good ♥ humans. God bless you.
“OMG, so happy they saved this little thing.”
“Thank you good humans for rescuing the tiny soul!”
“Dios santo pobre gatito.” 😢
“Merci... sauvé des eaux ! Sans vous il se serait noyé d'épuisement.”
"Как же ему повезло! Дай Бог здоровья этим людям." ❤
"At the end kitty is meowing like: ‘Thank you hoomans.”
“Thank you for being real Heroes...”
“Poor little kitty, I'd give him some loving, and keep him.”
“Salvataggio di gatto... spaventato.”
“So glad she/he was rescued.”
“Tadinho! Mas graças à Deus alguém viu o Mimi!”
“Bless u whoever save this kitty.”
“Thank you. God bless you good hooman.”
“Great swimmer.”
“Glad they saved kitty.”
“Graças a Deus salvaram.” 👏
“I love when pets know we are trying to help them.”
“You good and clever people.”
“Bless you for saving him. He was lost, alone and scared.”
“Que bueno que hayan podido ayudarlo.”
“Chat échaudé craint l'eau froide : pauvre petit bonhomme, il s'en souviendra et se méfiera encore plus de l'eau à l'avenir.”
“Poor little sweetheart, hope you looked after him after you rescued him.”
“Grazie a DIOS!”
[Video @鲁博叉车]
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