iN-CREDi-BLE! The fastest cat in the World, driving a Formula One car!

Amazing Cat GIF • In-cre-di-ble! The fastest cat in the Wolrd driving a Formula One car!!!
“Surely the ears count as a movable aero device.”
“I told you I can do it like a F1 driver and...without helmet!”
“I like how he purrfectly turns his head to every turn: right-left-right...”
[Video:  小鉄チャンネル]

Funny cat watching Formula One race like humans
“I've to make sure our cat doesn't see that video, 'coz she'd immediately like to drive a Formula one car too!” 😻

Funny kitty watching a video of a amazing cat driving a Formula One car
 “DONE! My kitty lookin' at the video:
"Woah dude, it's pawesome.
Faster! Faster! Faster!”

Funny Cat GIF • Playful cat enjoys being a new toy for crazy cat lovers :)
“Hey, my cat likes speed, so
he deserves a F1 car, too!”