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Saturday, July 18, 2020

‘Venus’, the famous two faced cat is the catwalk Queen.

Amazing Cat GIF • Venus the two faced cat is the catwalk queen, so pretty kitty.
“You are the prettiest cat I've seen on the internet. Simply stunning
“Pretty girl, you have that walk purrfected.”
“She’s literally a better model than me.”
“OMG, she is incredibly beautiful!”
“You're a purrfetc beauty. A LEGEND!”
“Yaaaaasssssss! Give the two faced babies what they need, Venus.”
“This amazing cat is 10x cooler than yours.”
[IG @venustwofacecat]

Amazing Cat GIF • 'Venus' the two-faced Cat - Orange tabby face with blue eye and black face with green eye

Amazing paw and jelly
bean toes colors, as well ;)
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