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Friday, August 21, 2020

PAWesome! The agility of Ninja cats is a wonderful thing to see!

Amazing Cat GIF • Whoa! Ninja cat walking on wire. Purrfect balance and self control level 100
“No impurrsible mission for fearless cats.”
“Yep, cats are ninjas, cats are our heroes!”
“Circus cat.” 😍
“The great escape!”
“He’s just going for his daily walk, what else?”
“Wow! What a gymnastic cat!”
“Purrfect balace and self control level 100.”
“Holy shiz this gave me so much Anxiety holy crap.”
“Don't worry dude, I have 9 lives, so what's the problem?”
“Cats are so pawesome, they can walk anywhere.”
“That is the really catwalk.”
“Purrfect Chakra control”
“Dare a dΓΈg to try it hahaha.” πŸ˜‚
“Totoro cat bus be like.”
“Yeah lets see him get on the balance ladder at the carnival”
 “And we worry about for walking along the top banisters, haha.”
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