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Sunday, August 16, 2020

“Did my little swimming 'Winnie' make you smile? :)”

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny and cute black cat swimming easily in the river because she likes water!
“Yep she is amazing and funny: better not get her TAIL wet.”
“OMG, never seen a cat just get into water in a natural environment with a person before.”
“Well done little sister, you're doing it right.”
“Your cat is pawesome! My cat hates water...”
“This cat likes swimming on her own initiative, that’s fuck*ng cool.”
“How did you teach her to do that?”
“I can’t even imagine. It’s unusual for kitty’s to swim.”
“Absolutely on top of impressed me! All the cats I had NEVER EVER liked water.”
“Hope everyone who got cats do this.”
[Video @nathan_thebeachcat]
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