“Now, our cat would stop meowing day & night inside the wall. Problem solved!”

Funny Cat GIF • Human helps cat trapped doing a hole in a cardboard wall. Curiosity can kill the cats
“The cat is like "OK this is my house now. I'm hungry, where did you put my food bowl, slave?"
“Bae is like 'OMG, slowly, slowly, you're going to cut kitty's head!”
“Dad, where does cat came from?”
“Now, just put a nice frame on the hole.“
My kid: “So, if I do a hole in the wall a kitty comes out?”
“I'm sure the cat will be needing it again in the future.”
“Haha... hat is this house made of?!”
“Americans and their fuck*ng cardboard houses.”
“In Australia we build houses with bricks, not cardboard.”
“In Finland we build houses with snow and ice.”
“In Japan we build houses with rice.”
“In Russia we build houses with iron and steel.”
“In France we build houses with a mix of baguettes, fromages and vin rouge.”
“In China we build houses with Huawei and TikTok (and D. Trump is not amused).”
“Mwahaha πŸ˜‚, your comments about walls are funnier than the GIF itself!”

Funny cat GIF • Black cat hidden in a wall tries to catch human hand through a hole in wall
OK human, now gimme a high five...