“I'm a clever and strong cat, so I don't need no hooman!”

Amazing cat GIF • Clever ginger cat standing up, drinks fresh water using water cooler!
Independent kitty: “Leave me alone: gotta get the chilled fresh water.”
“He looks like puss in boots without the boots, haha!”
“They're evolving: Total cat DOMINATION is coming. Today the water cooler, tomorrow the can opener, soon....the World!
“Yeah, once they figure out can-openers, we're done!
“Je suis un chat fort et intelligent et je n'ai pas besoin de mes humains pour boire au refroidisseur d'eau !" (Hum, à la vitesse à la quelle nos chats évoluent, ils vont bientôt réussir à ouvrir leurs boîtes de conserve eux-mêmes et alors ils pourront se passer de nous.)." 
“Yep, as soon as they figure out how to use our can openers, we're toast.”
“Now they just need to learn how to open the tuna cans and the takeover can begin...”
“Chilled water on demand, that's one hydrated feline.”
“Amazing CAT FACTS (and this isn't even an exhaustive list):
- they can see in the dark.
- they can rotate their ears and seem to do so autonomically.
- they have retractable claws that are self sharpening.
- they have a sixth sense under their nose to perceive odors differently from how we do.
- if they can stick their head through something their body can follow and they instinctively seem to know this. Their head is the widest bone in their body.
- their vision is focused for distance for hunting so to optimize that they evolved whiskers to give them close perception.
- they can rotate in mid-air and always land on their feet.
- they seem to have an inane ability to climb and jump and seem to be near fearless in this ability.”
[Video: via imgur.com]
And he's not the only one!!!
Amazing Cat GIF • Cats are evolving now they know how to drink water from tap like humans! And tomorrow they'll learn how to use a cup soon.