Cute "killer kitten" protects his donut with a sniper rifle with scope

Funny Cat GIF • Cute killer Kitten protects his donut with a sniper rifle with scope.
“For sure, today no one (neither cat nor døg) will take Stanley's Donut, haha.“
“Humans, I will protect your donut while you sleep with all my life, I swear. You just rest assure & sleep peacefully.”
"Hermosura de bebé no deja su donut"
"Olha o Marley vigiando a casa qnd eu tô trabalhando."
“Quand ton  courageux chaton protège la baraque des cambrioleurs avec son fusil à lunette lorsque tu es au boulot (enfin bon, d'abord il prend des forces en se faisant une p'tite sieste... Zzzz...Zzzz..." :)
[Video @love2foster]
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