Owner: “I found the PURRfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.” 🎃

Funny Cat GIF • I found the Purrfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. Happy Halloween 🎃
“You look Pawesome, dear 'Morris.'”
“The purrfect pumpkin, indeed! How adorable and patient kitty!”
“Oh...I wish I could find a pumpkin like that at the pumpkin patch!”
“Yeah, that's one fresh pumpkin.”
“Funny white mustache.”
“Oh yes, that’s definitely the pick of the crop.”
“'Morris' looks like a statue until he moves.”
“I like my pumpkins with a bit of fur on them.”
[Video @morris_the_persian_cat]
 ðŸŽƒ Happy Halloween! 🎃 
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