Halloween is coming. Check out 'Monk' the black vampurr...

Funny Cat GIF • Halloween is coming. 'Monk' the black vampurr with his red cape is roaring. He needs fresh blood...
‘Monk’, the only vampire people wouldn't mind a bite from
“Such beautiful fangs. Wow! Impressive. What a magnificent vampurr kitty ‘Monk’ is. He wears the cape with utmost distinction.”
“The most handsome vampire I have ever seen.” ❤️
“Those creepy teeth! Dracula cat.”
“SWOON in TERREOR, as ‘Monk’ bites a leaf!”
“Halloween will be here very soon. Get ready to defeat those ghouls who’d steel your treats and nip.”
[Video @monkandbean]
 ðŸŽƒ Happy Halloween! 🎃 
‘Monk’, the Black Vampurr • So gorgeous Kitty ♥
“Awww ‘Monk’! You’re not scary. I just want to pet you and give you kitty snacks. Smooch Smooch”  💕
“I'm sexy and I know it!”

Scary Hallowen night with
3 blacks cats in the darkness