Black kitty catches & eats the famous 'Mike Pence fly' Mwahahaha 😂

Art Cat GIF • Hilarious black cat catches and eats the famous 'Mike Pence fly', hahaha!
“'Owlkitty' has my loyal vote!”
 “The best cat vid EVAH!”
"Voilà un chat qui prend la mouche 😋”
“Wow! Good job 'owlkitty' you're an amazing kitty.”
“This cracks me up!”
“House panther for the win!”
“What a helpful kitty.”
“Foreign interference in US political elections.” 😊
“Of course, 'Owlkitty' is a Republicat.”
“Hey flies, don't mess with black cats.”
“This might be my favorite of all time! Hahahaha.”
“That one is Hi-la-ri-ous!”
“I think that any cat on the ballot would make a better leader.”
[Video @owl__kitty]

Art Cat GIF • Hilarious black cat shakes Mike Pence's head! Hahaha!
“C'mon, shake Mike Pence's head,
shake it, kitty!”