Amazing Bengal cat (she) • Cats (always) land on their feet

Amazing cat GIF • Graceful Bengal cat landing on her feet in a in an impressive way
“Yep, because of their tails.”
“I thought, for a moment that the cat was going to land on her back but NO!”
“That is some graceful fucking dexterity.”
"Un superbe chat Bengal montre comment les chats parviennent ร  se retourner quelle que soit leur position dans l'espace, afin de retomber sur leur pattes et non sur le dos." 
“Majestic aerial body control.”
“Impressive, magnificent, pawesome cat!”
“Because CAT! Because felines!”

Manipulated Cat GIF • Boomerang Effect • Cat jumping into the air in an attempt to catch his toy. The outcome is amazing as the Cat does a reverse back flip!

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