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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

VROOM! VROOM! Red racing bowl kitten

Funny Cat GIF • Red racing bowl kitten. Funny crazy Kitty driving his F1 bowl has great excitement haha
“I Love the excited twitching! So sweet but already has cat 'madness!'”
"Travieso y hermoso gatito. Sigue jugando mi amorcito!"
“Whatcha doin' Kitty?“ “I honestly had no idea what I'm doing!”
"Quand ton Chaton, futur pilote F1 chez FERRARI, s'entraîne déjà dans son bolide flambant rouge."
“Aww he’s so cute. Catnip excitement?”
"Loco-loco-loco, son todos iguales unos loquitos (hermoso angelito)"
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