'Morris' and his snowman are best friends

Xmas Cat GIF • OMG, a BIG cat jumps inside tree. Best way to 'Jump into Christmas'
“Woah, that's the biggest and most beautiful snowman ever! ❄ And you are an amazing sweetheart, 'Morris'!”
“Yep, great snowman and super cool cat.”
“That’s pawesome!“
“Funny 'Morris', I hope you were not too cold (i mean your paws)”
“That’s pretty cool 'Morris', you ride your snowman instead of a sleigh.”
“Wow, Funny cat on awesome snowman! For sure he has strong arms!”
“Oh this is so cute! The two of u look fabulous together.”
“Hahaha, we love it 'Morris'. Frosty looks like a cool sort of guy!”
“Love the coordinating outfits: white and red!”
“Wow! Now that’s a wonderful snow man, good spot to perch on, 'Morris'.”
“Wow impressive πŸ˜ƒ you buddy and your snowman are both incredible.”
“You look so cute and fluffy, dear 'Morris'
[Video @morris_the_persian_cat]

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