“Can you believe my cat 'Waffles' never tried to climb the Xmas tree?!”

Cute Cat GIF • Can you believe it? My sweet cat never tried to climb the Xmas tree! Such a good boy.
“Really? He looks quite and adorable.” ❤️
“'Waffles' is a very good boy!”
“Oh that is very sweet.”
“I have to peel my two boys out of the tree multiple times a day!
“What's the secret? Our young neutered Male keeps leaping in the middle of it. Have lost a dozen ornaments or so. Have 40 lbs of weight on the tree base to keep it upright.”
“Waffles, you're puurfect!”
“How do you do that? My meowmmy said no Christmas tree for us because of cats!”
“Good thing you don’t drive your owner crazy.”
“'Waffles'! How do you resist? I must chomped on & investigate our tree on the daily!”
[Video @ waffles_the_cat]

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