“Sorry, I ate all Santa’s cookies!”

Santa Cat GIF • Santa paws ate all Santa cookies. He's a cute and funny Cookie Monster!
“Hahaha! Hilarious 'Morris', I Love your festive Cookie Monster.”
“Funny captioned Santa hat.”
"Them cookies must taste really good Santa Paws.”
“Looks like they were very tasty.”
"Mozão gostosooo, desejo um bom Natal e boas festas pra vc e família. Paz,saúde e prosperidade."
“Baha ha ha well done sweetie.”
“You are the Cookie Monster!”
“Mlem Mlem Mlem, it was delicious.”
“Don't worry kitty, you can eat all of the cookies, I won't tell! ”
“No problem! He needs to cut down anyway. Don’t want him getting stuck in a chimney. Happy Christmas to you two gorgeous boys and your lovely family.”
“Sorry Santa. The kitty nip accidentally drop on them! I just absolutely had to eat them.”
[Video @morris_the_persian_cat]

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