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♫♪ Ebony and Ivory head butting together in purrfect harmony ♪♫

“Yin and Yang, Twi and La, Push and Pull.” “Haha cute but also looks like two drunks helping each other walk home.” “Bro you’re in my space, move!” “Nope I was walking here first you move!” “Kiss my neck! No you kiss my neck! No you! No you! No you...” “I love you…I love you more…I love you more than you, I love you honey.” “They are so damn ♥ cute.” “Walking your drunk friend home.” “This just ended racism.” “When bae is SOOO needy…” “Purrfectly describes YIN and YANG, sometimes they get separated and intertwined, but most of the time they are close together.” [Video: KingFoom]

Massive cat attack! Ninja catS pouncing like wild tigers!

OMG, they're legion! 😯 “Yep, and we're all fuck*ng screwed!”

“Mom, whatcha doin' with my white blanket!?”

Kittens playing with washing machine > Always funny :) [ Video @Sully the cat!!]

Amazing Ninja cat bouncing back and forth

Cats can be such graceful creatures.