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Super Zen, calm, cool, patient and tolerant cat 😂

“He couldn't care less.“ “Majestic and so...proud.” “How I deal with all my probs, I don't care anymore.” “Leave me alone silly feathers, okay?” “Zero f*cks given...because cat.” 😂 “IDC. F*ck your new expensive cat toy.” 😛 [ Video @nocoa2525]

Agile ‘Maru’ using a swing like a kid, for the first time...

“You did it 'Maru'. Congratulations. It proves animals use their brains more than many human beings. And the trouble is the human species doesn't give these precious sentient beings credit for there intelligence.” [Video: maru mugumogu]

Adorable fluffy cat cuddling with a Kid

“All she needs is love ♥” [ Video @bonnienclydekitties]

Amazing liquid kitty in a small glass jar. “If it fits, I sits”

“Our kitten tries her best to grab a toy inside a glass jar, but ends up falling straight into it!” [Video: Artcheeer]

“NO...don't touch my belly because...

...I am very ticklish and it's nap time.” [Video: heroine]

Angry cat is angry!

Don't mess with him, he can kill you with his colorful laser eyes...